Newly Found News Sources That Appear to Be Unbiased

( We are not a news site, but we do love news.  Today, there is so much news and drama in the nation, as well as the world.  Some news is biased while others are not.  It is difficult to find news sites without bias.  It is not hard to see the bias because most do not even try to hide it today.

We have found a site that is straight forward with news, which can be found at www.STL.News.  There are not editorial articles or opinions.  It is just news.  Most of the news is general news, business news and political news.  While they do not know we exist, we like and respect this site for the solid news reporting and frequently gives links back to the source for verification of the content.

Another site we enjoy reading is USDOJ.Today.  It aggregates news from the US Department of Justice.  It is interesting reading, but can be depressing to see the true sadness that revolves around so many people and families.


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