How to rank your website

How to rank your website

( There are a lot of web designers in the world.  Some are affordable and some are ridiculously expensive projecting the image that they have to be expensive because they are so good.  Truth of the matter is that most web designers do not do everything they should to make websites rank well.  They will focus on the appearance, which is fast with stock photos and graphic design, but those items are not responsible for ranking a website in Google search results.

Truthfully, the lack of SEO and excess images can damage the site from ranking well.  Graphics is like anything; moderation is the deciding factor.

The most common mistakes that web designers miss that are critical to rank a website are:

  1. Content – Google said “content is king.”  Google network does not rank websites based on images.  They rank a website based on content.  Text that can be cut and paste.  I experienced a web design firm in Texas services the insurance industry that will create your content in a graphic.  When you call to complain that your website cannot be found they will tell you that is an SEO service.  If you buy the SEO they convert the content from graphic to text so the search engines can index the content.
  2. Submit site to search engines – all search engines have a platform that allows you to submit your site for indexing and even upload your sitemap so they know to index all pages and post on your website.
  3. Links – Inbound links to your website will help your site be thoroughly indexed and prove to Google that your site is relevant.  Good inbound links will help your index faster and rank higher in search results.

This is a fast reference to know what is necessary to rank your website, but it certainly is not everything you need to do to rank.  A web design firm that offers informative blog posts are a good source for information to determine their true skill level.


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